Steyn: No Such Thing as 'Lone Wolf' Terrorism

Steyn: No Such Thing as 'Lone Wolf' Terrorism

Mark Steyn, author of “The Undocumented Mark Steyn,” argued that calling terrorists “lone wolves” was a “cop out” on Friday’s “Varney and Company” on the Fox Business Network.

“This term ‘lone wolf’ is a cop-out…the idea that they somehow have to have a membership card in Islamic State or in al Qaeda for it to be official, fully-credentialed terror, like getting a hairdresser’s license in New York State is completely preposterous” he stated.

Steyn added that the rhetoric of “lone wolf” terrorists allows those who do not want to admit that radical Islam is a problem to brush off terror as isolated incidents, saying “all jihad is local. That actually suits them, to say, ‘oh no this is just some mentally ill guy in Ottawa and this is another guy who’s bit goofy in New York and there’s no connection between the two.’ Because otherwise you have to treat it like your other big story. You have to treat it like ideological Ebola and you have to stop the infection and the ideological infection, this president, this administration has absolutely no interest in tackling”

He concluded that the current administration is not interested in attacking the ideology of radical Islam because “Obama in 2008 won by deciding that Americans did not want to live in September the 12th for another 4 or 8 years, and to admit that in fact there is a global ideology that wants to kill us just as much as Communism or Nazism does is too big a leap for him.”

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