Innis: Outside Ferguson Agitators a Get Out the Vote Strategy

Innis: Outside Ferguson Agitators a Get Out the Vote Strategy

Niger Innis, Executive Director of and National Spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality said that outside agitators causing violence in Ferguson, MO were part of a get out the vote effort for 2016 and an attempt to “re-engage” the “Progressive coalition” on Wednesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

“What happens when the circus, and I define the circus as the paid protesters, the anarchists, the activists, the card-carrying zealots that are out there, the Occupy Wall Street crowd that has come into Ferguson. what happens when they leave town…what will be left is an economic wasteland, and the very frustration, legitimate frustration that the people of Ferguson have, the young people of Ferguson have, jobs, economic opportunity, education choices, and education and economic uplift, their situation is going to be worse off, not better off because of this” he stated.

Innis added, in response to a question about why there were outside groups heading into the city, “I do believe that there are elements within the Progressive movement that saw the results of [the] 2014 election and saw the decreased turnout in the Latino community, saw the lack of enthusiasm in some black communities, the fact that you had some, actually Republicans like [Gov.] John Kasich (R-OH) get 25% of the black vote, in Georgia 10% of the black vote went Republican, and these Progressive elements said ‘we’ve got to do something to inspire and to revive the kind of galvanized support that we had from these groups before.’ Young people have dropped off tremendously, by the way, from this Progressive coalition.” And “I ultimately believe that they are doing this, this is a[n] ultimately a GOT[V] effort for 2014, sorry, 2016, to get folk[s] that have been dropping off from that Progressive coalition, blacks, Latinos, and by the way, this is not just a Michael Brown issue, this was the executive amnesty issue that came within days, by the way, of the verdict. That’s not an accident that President Obama did that. He and Progressive elements are trying to re-engage all of those within the Progressive coalition that have been dropping off or, God forbid, voting Republican, to get them reignited for 2016.”

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