Rush: Vax Controversy Created to Distract from Obama Lax Border Policy

At the top of his Monday radio program, Rush Limbaugh criticized those promoting the so-called vaccination controversy in the media, which he deemed to be a “phony debate” intended to harm Republicans by replicating the 2012 “war on women” meme.

“[A]nd now this vaccination thing has popped up,” Limbaugh said. “And it’s another attempt at recreating the ‘War on Women.’ It’s designed to destroy Republicans, particularly Republicans running for president by creating a phony debate over vaccinations – a debate that does not exist, a controversy that was not alive. And all of a sudden now, the drive-bys daily soap opera theme or meme today is a debate between [Chris] Christie and Rand Paul and others in the Republican primary field over whether or not vaccinations should be mandatory while nobody is talking about whether or not why we need them. We’re talking about vaccinations for a conquered disease – measles.”

“We haven’t had measles in this country for ages,” he continued. “Why do we have it now? And this is the one thing that is not being talked about in any of this and that is Obama and his illegal immigration and the flood of measles-infected kids from Central and South America, who by the way have not been vaccinated and have not been subject to vaccinations because they’re not citizens and so forth. This is the most incredible thing. We’re watching this play out exactly as the phony contraception debate did. And then came the war on women. What is this going to be, the war on kids?”

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