Chris Matthews: Has Hillary Cast Herself as Nixon’s Rose Mary Woods?

Tuesday  on MSNBC’s Hardball,” while discussing Hillary Clinton’s refusal to turn over her email server to a neutral third party to end the controversy over her use of a private system while serving as secretary of state, host Chris Matthews pondered with former RNC chair Michael Steele that in this scenario, has Clinton cast herself in the role of  Rose Mary Woods, the Nixon secretary who erased the 18 minute gap in the infamous Watergate tapes.

Exchange as follows:

MATTHEWS: She worked on the Nixon impeachment committee. She knows all about how the stories develop. It starts with ‘What do you know? When did you know it?’  It always ends up once the public finds out there’s some source of fact that you’re holding back, and they ask for it. And eventually some judge says you have to give it up. Now maybe there won’t be a judge in this case and it will always be hanging on her, ‘How come you didn’t release the server?’

STEELE: This is her 18-minute gap. Because she is not releasing the server.

MATTHEWS: I wish I hadn’t fed you that.

STEELE: I know, but you did and I’ll take it.

MATTHEWS: So she is Rose Mary Woods.

STEELE: Yeah, in effect she is. She is not only Nixon but she is Rose Mary Woods, because she is controlling the ultimate apparatus, which is the server. It has the forensic evidence you need to see exactly what those 30,000 emails contained. The easiest thing for her to do is give over that server to the government.

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