Christie: Obama Only Cares About ‘His Legacy and His Library’

Friday in Nashua at the New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said the only things President Barack Obama cares about are “his legacy and his library, the two L’s.”

Christie who has a plan to means test social security said, “I gave on entitlement reform very simple and very direct. Seventy-one percent of the federal budget is now spent on entitlement, compared to 26 percent 50 years ago. If anybody comes on this stage wants to talk to you about national defense, education, research and development, tax cuts, or anything else involving the federal government, ask them what they are going to do on entitlements, because if they are not going to do something to fix the problem, we’re not going to be able to deal with any of the other problems with that we have in this country.”

He went after President Obama, saying, “Iran moving towards a nuclear weapon, Syria on fire, video on fire, Egypt under martial law, troubles all across the world, Vladimir Putin charging into eastern Europe. People around the world know the reason for this is because the same thing that the people in the United States know, that we have a weak president, who has weakened our country, and they are taking advantage of that in every way they possibly can. We can no longer afford to have weakness in the Oval Office. We have to have strength and clarity and hard truths, and that is why I started by talking about entitlements. Why would I talk about those things if they were not true? There is no political advantage to talking about those issues. The reason you talk about them is because you want to really make suggestions that will help to solve the problems that our country confronts, and just as importantly, take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities we have. We have extraordinary opportunities as a country.”

“The American people are anxious. They’re filled with anxiety, not anger. They’re worried about the country, and they should be. The reason for that is absolutely feckless leadership by this president. All he cares about now is about his legacy and his library, the two L’s. that is all that is left, legacy, library. He does not care about anything else,” he added.

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