Kasich: GOP Can’t Win in 2016 by Dividing America with Fiery Rhetoric

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,”  while discussing of criticisms of him being too moderate Gov. John Kasich (R-OH), who is considering a 2016 presidential run, said people have to “stop hanging out in our silos, thinking we’ve got all the answers, without realizing you can compromise without losing your principles,” because “fiery rhetoric and attacks” will not win in a general election.

When host Chuck Todd asked, “When you were asked if you were conservative enough, a Republican can’t  be elected without winning Ohio. If they are going to come to Ohio, extremism isn’t going to work. What did you mean by extremism? What is extremism?”

“There is people who want to divide with fiery rhetoric and attacks. People in Ohio want to know, do you get them and their problems?” he said. “Ohio is a microcosm of America. If you cannot convince people that you understand their problems and you are going to try to fix them, you are not going to win anything. So I’m not so much into the attack mode and all that other business. I’m into solving problems. Frankly, if we don’t solve problems, our children suffer, our families suffer, our communities. Look at our country around the world, our friends think we are confused and our enemies are emboldened because we are not fixing anything in this country. We can if we stop hanging out in our silos thinking we’ve got all the answers without realizing you can compromise without losing your principles.”

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