Cillizza: Hillary Email Release ‘Death By a Thousand Cuts’

Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza stated that there would be “death by a thousand cuts” if there is a “rolling release” of Hillary Clinton’s emails on Tuesday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC.

USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page said, “Here’s the thing that surprises me…we thought — a year ago, we would have said ‘Hillary Clinton may be controversial but she is thoroughly vetted. There’s not new things to know about Hillary Clinton.’ And what we’re finding is every day this very complicated relationship she continued to have with the foundation, with private interests, with outsiders, like Sid Blumenthal, has contributed to all these things we didn’t know and are finding out about in a very unhelpful way for her presidential campaign.”

Cillizza added that the if there is a “rolling release” of her emails, it would be “very problematic, death by a thousand cuts, right? When you release 55,000 pages of documents on one day, which would probably be a selected day where not a lot of people are working. It’s hard to go through all of that stuff. If it’s piecemeal…you’re going to have four, five, six stories at a minimum just about the release, much less what’s in it, and that’s bad for her. The more we talk about all these e-mails, the worse it is for her.”

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