Watch: Perino, Bolling in Shouting Match Over Trump

Wednesday on Fox New Channel’s “The Five,” co-hosts Dana Perino and Eric Bolling had a heated debate over whether Bolling has been defending Donald Trump because he wants to be on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Bolling defended Trump by saying, “You may not like the way he’s talking about them or delivering, or you may not like Donald Trump personally, they are resonating with the American people.”

Perino replied,”I understand that you have a deal that you’re trying to work on with him. I saw the Twitter last night. I just don’t see how that’s any different than how another journalist is actually pandering when you said you’ve been trying to close the deal for years for you to be on “Celebrity Apprentice.’

Bolling shot back “Oh, my God. you actually think that I — I’ve been friendly with Donald Trump for 15 years. Are you actually saying you’re going to accuse me of saying that Donald Trump has some good ideas that are resonating with America because I want to be on “Celebrity Apprentice”? Please tell me that’s not the case.”

Perino said, “I am saying it.”

Bolling said, “I will tell you unequivocally not the case. I can’t be on “Celebrity Apprentice” anyway. I’m a host at Fox News.”

Perino said, “But you did want to do it. You’ve been trying to close the deal for years.”

“Seven years ago Donald Trump came to Fox and said can he be on ‘Celebrity Apprentice?’ The boss said no. I have way more ethics than to use this platform, which I love dearly this five, I do. I was here from day one, to say something like that to get a spot.”

Perino said, “Oh, guess what? So was I!  You said it. I didn’t say it last night.”

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