Rubio: ‘I’m Glad’ Cuban Gov’t Doesn’t Like Me, Hits ‘Far Left’ NYT

Florida Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio criticized the “far left” New York Times and said he’s “glad” the Cuban government was “obsessed” with criticizing him on Tuesday’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on the Fox Business Network.

Rubio said, (relevant remarks begin around 4:30), “Well, the truth is that everyone knows that the New York Times has an editorial policy leans far left, and what they’ve written in the past and how they approach issues — and I’ve most certainly had problems with the accuracy of some of the things they’ve written and with the tone of much of many what they’ve written. But we’re going to move forward on this campaign and talk to voters directly. That’s one of the great advantages of the 21st century is we can directly communicate with voters by coming to programs like this, but also by using social media platforms and web videos, and the kind of retail politicking that Iowa and New Hampshire give you the opportunity to do. So, we look forward to that aspect of it, we think that’s going to have a much bigger impact on this race than any story in a newspaper like the New York Times.”

Rubio specifically addressed the Times’ story regarding feelings for him in Cuba, stating, “Number one, in Cuba if they [the people interviewed by the Times] would have said something positive bout me, they would have been punished for it by the government. Number two, in Cuba there’s an information blockade. … Any news they get about me comes from the government TV stations and the government-run newspapers, and they’re not big fans of mine. And number three is, I’m glad that the Cuban government seems to be obsessed with me, because what it shows is that we’ve struck a vein, we have called them out who they are. They are a tyrannical regime that controls the entire economy, and they’re looking to more trade and engagement with the US for one simple purpose, it is not to improve the lives of the Cuban people, it is to perpetuate themselves in power.”

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