Palin on Trump: I Would Rather Have a Tough President Than a Trivial Pursuit Expert

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin offered her thoughts on the controversy over Republican front-runner Donald Trump being stumped on foreign policy “gotcha” questions from radio host Hugh Hewitt, saying she would rather have a “tough” president than one who could “win a game of trivial pursuit.”

Palin said:

I think I would rather have a president who is tough and puts America first than win a game of trivial pursuit. I don’t know if other candidates were posed the same question, I don’t know if they have the answers. I don’t think the public gives a flying flip if somebody knows who, today, is a specific leader of a specific region because that will change. Of course, when the next president comes into power, based on the volatility of politics in these other areas. I don’t think the public is concerned about that. It’s kind of subjective, too. Whether a candidate is worthy to be given attention, and respect and be taken seriously if they don’t know the leader of some — religion, even a country. How about other candidates who may not know the price of a barrel of oil today, or how much oil it is that we are importing from foreign nations, unfriendly foreign nations and we have a ban on exporting our own oil and prohibitions and bans on drilling for our own oil. Details maybe involved in that that a candidate doesn’t know. Hey, I’d be subjective and say, if you don’t know that, you’re not worthy of being taken seriously, Mr. Candidate.

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