Paul: Can We Trust Nuclear Arsenal With Trump, Who Insults People Like a Kid in Junior High?

Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said his rival Donald Trump’s temperament, as evidenced by his “junior high” insults, is not one that can not be trusted with “the diplomacy of the United States.”

Discussing the last debate Paul said, “I think that was a little easy on him. I think he deserves every bit he gets. I would say I will make sure that everybody in the country knows that he’s a fake conservative. There’s nothing conservative about Donald Trump other than that he wants the Trump brand to be out there. I  don’t think he has a vision for limited government, balanced budget, low taxes, anything of the things that conservatives have fought for for decades. He’s been on the other side of every one of those issues and voters deserve to know that.”

He continued, “You know, the thing is, not enough people yet know that Donald Trump is a big believer in using big government to take property from private property owners, small private property owners, and give it to big corporations — often his own big corporations. And there are no conservatives in our party who supported the Supreme Court decision that allowed this. In fact, this is something that has so motivated the conservative base that whole movements have sprung up to defend private property rights. It’s really the foundation or the building block for capitalism. And the fact that Donald Trump has used eminent domain and the bully force of government to take private property — that he supports the practice, is a big fan of the Kelo decision. I think when Americans know that when conservatives know that, they’re going to run away with their hair on fire. They’re going to say, goodness, I didn’t realize that Donald Trump was a fake conservative.”

He added, “I think talking about the issues is absolutely illegitimate and talked about Donald Trump being for ObamaCare, for President Obama’s government stimulus but I haven’t called him ugly. I haven’t been calling other candidates ugly. I think his words, particularly with Carly Fiorina, probably in the end, people are going to finally decide, do we really want someone in charge of our nuclear arsenal who goes around basically using the insults of a junior high or a sophomore in high school? I think really there is a time where viewers say, that’s not the kind of person we want to be practicing the diplomacy of the United States.”

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