Graham: Trump A ‘Cartoon Character’ On Foreign Policy, Kasich Wrong on Bases


South Carolina Senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham criticized fellow candidates Donald Trump and Ohio Governor John Kasich on foreign policy at Wednesday’s first card debate on CNN.

Graham said, “I will win a war that we can’t afford to lose. I have a plan to destroy radical Islam, because it has to be. These are religious Nazis running wild. President Obama has made one mistake after another, and it has caught up with us. What do I have to offer that’s different? I get my foreign policy from being in — on the ground. I’ve been to Iraq and Afghanistan, the Mideast 35 times in the last decade trying to understand how we got in this mess. Our leading candidate gets his foreign policy from watching television. And what I heard last night is the Cartoon Network, oh, I’m big, I’m strong, we’re going to hit them in the head. That’s not foreign policy. That’s a cartoon character. John Kasich, a good friend of mine, said in New Hampshire, we’re going to close more bases on his watch. On my watch, we’re going to open up more bases. The military is in decline, folks. We’re going to have the smallest military in modern times, spending half of what we’d normally spend by the end of this decade. What do I offer? To make your families safe and our country strong again, a vision and a determination to win a war that we cannot afford to lose.”

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