Trump: Fiorina ‘Playing Double Standard’ Because of Remarks She Made About Boxer and Whitman

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused fellow candidate Carly Fiorina of “playing the double standard” by criticizing his remarks about her face on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Trump said of other comments people have made about his hair and his statement about Fiorina’s face, “Well, it’s not only a double standard, it’s being politically correct, and if you say something about somebody, like last night I was very nice to her and some people thought I was being sarcastic. … But actually, if you look back at the records on Carly, she was brutal on [Sen.] Barbara Boxer (D-CA). She was very nasty. She was running against Barbara Boxer. She lost in a landslide, but during the run, she was really horrible about Barbara Boxer’s looks, and she attacked her on her looks. And also she attacked Meg Whitman on her look. And there’s a big article about it. So, I just read that. Somebody just sent it to me. So, Carly is playing the double standard. she’s playing the game herself. But she attacked Meg Whitman and she attacked Barbara Boxer, who she ran against for the US Senate in California, and probably a race she should have won, and she lost.”

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