ABC’s Cokie Roberts: Boehner Departure to Make Things ‘Harder’ for Obama

Friday during ABC’s special coverage of Pope Francis’ visit to New York City, a panel assembled by anchor George Stephanopoulos, which included ABC contributors Matthew Dowd and Cokie Roberts, discussed the resignation of House Speaker John Boehner, which was announced Friday morning.

According to Roberts, Boehner’s resignation will likely prevent a government shutdown. However, she added it will make things harder for President Barack Obama.

“[H]e does care about the institution of the House and what he’s probably effected here is he’s probably preventing the shutdown of the government at the end of this week. I think that’s unlikely to happen now,” Roberts said. But it is going to be much, much harder for President Obama to make deals with the Republicans in Congress, because the people who have pushed him out or made it so uncomfortable for him to stay are much more conservative and it’s going to be hard for the President to make deals with those people.”

(h/t Newsbusters)

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