Watch: Martin O’Malley Attacks ‘Xenophobe,’ ‘Carnival Barker’ Donald Trump

Tuesday at the Democratic presidential debate televised on CNN, former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD) took aim at Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump for his stand on immigration calling him a “xenophobe,” an “immigrant hater” and a “carnival barker.”

Discussing undocumented immigrants getting in-state college tuition, O’Malley said, “A lot of the xenophobes, the immigrant haters, like some that we’ve heard, like Donald Ttrump, that carnival barker in the Republican party tried to mis-characterize it as free tuition for illegal immigrants. But we took our case to the people when it was petitioned to referendum and we won with 58% of the vote. The more our children learn, the more they will earn and that’s true of children who will yet to be naturalized but will become American citizens.”

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