Whoopi: Trump’s 9/11 Rhetoric Is Putting American Muslim Women in Danger

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claim of seeing thousands of American Muslims in New Jersey cheering the World Trade Center towers coming down on  September 11, 2001, puts Muslim women in danger because their dress style is very identifiable.

Goldberg said, “So remember in Germany, people would point and say you know, it’s their fault it’s happening. It’s them. This is the same crap. This is the same crap. You — there are so many — there are 2.5 million American Muslims here. Folks we know. Dr. Oz. You know —who are you talking about? People were not doing this. You know facts are important in the United States. I feel facts are important and they’re on the run.”

Joy Behar chimed in,”It’s called scapegoating which is not very nice and it leads too fascist dictatorships so be careful of that.”

Goldberg continued, “And keep in mind, you know, the easiest people to spot, the easiest Muslims to spot are women. OK. So when you’re doing this, Donald, you’re putting a lot of people in danger. Think before you talk. Man, please try a fact. Just get a fact. I’ll back you up with a fact.”

She added, “Nobody left, right, nobody should be pretending stuff you can’t back up, because it’s costly to people. It can cost people lives.”

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