Pro-Bush Nicolle Wallace: Trump ‘Tapping into the Most Sinister Sentiments’ in America

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former White House communications director during the President George W. Bush administration Nicolle Wallace, who once describe GOP presidential candidate former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) as “hot,” said Bush’s competitor GOP front-runner Donald Trump was “tapping into the most sinister sentiments in this country.”

Host Joe Scarborough said, “Trump is at 25 and is killing everybody. By the way, his lead is one last month so everybody that said the latest round of nonsense was going to destroy his candidacy, stop. We’ve been saying that for six months. Stop. You’re going to be wrong. Usually, you got a guy that’s stuck at 25-30 percent and you have all these people never going to vote for Trump. Once everybody starts dropping out then the establishment will consolidate behind one guy or a woman who will beat Donald Trump. The problem is, 2016, nobody’s going to drop out. Everybody’s got Super Pacs. The more likely scenario and what this is looking like, Trump takes a big lead into the convention and try to kill his nomination there.”

Wallace replied, “The resent state of actions on behalf of trump has sort of galvanized and maybe given some courage serum to his critics. There’s a legitimate argument to make. That 65 percent of women disapprove of him. 74 percent non-white voters disapprove of him. I think that has given people a more substantive argument against him. The fact that everyone’s afraid to take him on except Kasich who is running an ad that taps into that is the essential problem. I could pre-tweet the attack on me before I say anything about him — ‘You dummy, big jerk. You are to stupid to keep your job at ‘The View’ Nicolle Wallace.’ There you go I wrote it for you, Donald. He is tapping into the most sinister sentiments in this country. People angry about the Obama administration … People have been afraid to criticize him because they feel like nothing will hurt him.”

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