CNN’s Tapper: DNC Is ‘Trying To Have a Small Audience’ For Debates To Promote Hillary


CNN anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper said that while Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) campaign is at fault for an improper data breach, they do have “legitimate gripes” over the DNC “trying to have a small audience” for the Democratic debates, a move that has “no other reason” than promoting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Friday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom.”

Tapper said, “the Sanders campaign is the one at fault here. I mean, their staffer is the one who, by their own admission, breached what — this data and improperly looked at it. Now that said, does the Sanders campaign have legitimate gripes when it comes to the DNC? Absolutely. … The idea that the number of debates has been limited, and they’ve been scheduled on Saturday nights, when viewership is the smallest, the audience is the smallest. There’s going to be one again this Saturday night. These are on networks, and yet the ones — the debates that the cable has put on, during the week have been much, much higher, even the Democratic debates, the one Anderson hosted. It’s nothing — it’s just — it is what it is. They are trying to have a small audience.”

After fellow anchor Wolf Blitzer pointed out that the accusation is that the DNC is “trying, at least indirectly, to promote Hillary Clinton’s campaign.” Tapper responded, “Yeah, there’s no other reason to do it.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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