McCain Slams Trump for Putin ‘Propaganda’— a ‘Thug and a Murderer’

Monday on “Concord News Radio,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is supplying Russian President Vladimir Putin with “propaganda.”

McCain said “The thing that is so concerning about Mr. Trump’s compliments of Vladimir Putin is Vladimir Putin has slaughtered his own, killed, murdered his own people, including people I knew. He has, his equipment has shot down an airliner and killed a couple hundred people. He’s a bully and thug and to pay a compliment to this KGB apparatchik murderer is something that I just can’t find in anyway plausible. And is incomprehensible.”

He continued, “In this case for him to provide propaganda, which is really what he just did for Vladimir Putin who is a thug and a murderer, I think is really astonishing and shows either profound ignorance or an attitude that contradicts everything about the United States of America and our relations with our adversaries. And by the way that doesn’t mean you don’t talk to Vladimir Putin. Ronald Reagan talked to Gorbachev, but I never heard a word of praise. All I heard form Ronald Reagan was take down this wall.”

He added, “Look, Vladimir Putin murdered his major adversary Boris Nemtsov in the shadow of the Kremlin. Murdered him. Which was clearly recorded on surveillance, but surveillance we’ll never see.”

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