Jeb: This Is Now a Fight with Trump Over Conservatism

In an interview with the Associated Press in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) said he is fighting for the cause of “conservatism” against his rival Donald Trump.

Bush said, “What I want to do is make sure the conservative cause is advanced, not just on talk shows and think tanks, or wherever conservatism is talked about in all sorts of different ways, but in governing. We need to be the governing party if we are going to fix these things. The pursuit of that — of protecting the conservative cause — it’s being hijacked by Donald Trump, who is not a conservative, and others are cautious about wanting to express this because God forbid you get into a Twitter war with a guy that has a lot of free time on his hands I guess. So I just think it’s important to fight this fight. I don’t know what the consequences politically for me are, but I do think it’s important the conservative party nominate a conservative, and someone who understands the role of America in the world and Donald Trump hasn’t taken the time or doesn’t seem to have the interest to learn these things.”

He added, “He certainly hasn’t historically been a conservative and the views he expresses right now don’t appear to be conservative.”

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