Rand Paul to MSNBC: ‘Disaster’ Trump Turning GOP Into ‘The Old White Man’s Party’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says his oppponent front-runner Donald Trump is a “disaster” for the GOP and could push the party into ostracizing potential “new people.”

Paul said, “I think it’s important the Republican Party not be seen as a party not welcoming and that wants new people. I’ve said we need to be a party that has — with earrings, without earrings, with tattoos, without tattoos, black, brown, white, rich, poor. that’s one of the faults of the party, we’re not diverse enough. When we become the old white man’s party, which we’ve been kind of headed towards for a while, we’re never going to win another election.”

He continued, “I’m in the camp of saying, yes, we need to be careful of letting the voice of the Republican party be someone who thinks that all immigrants are rapists or drug dealers … I think that Trump is a disaster for the Republican party. And a disaster for the image that would cultivate and bring new people in. Also for those who have a serious approach as to how we would defend the country. One of the scariest things of the campaign that has been under reported, not only did Trump not know what the nuclear triad was, but a week later his spokesman said our biggest problem is we have not been willing enough to use our nuclear arsenal. That should scare people to death. Anybody that’s gotten beyond the third grade would say oh, my goodness, we don’t want a president that is eager to use our nuclear arsenal, we want one who knows it’s a deterrent but we’re not going to use it.”

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