Cruz: Washington Cartel Torn Between Rubio and Trump, Both Cronyists That Are Viewed As Dealmakers

Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz argued that both fellow candidates Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Donald Trump will “continue the cronyism” and are viewed as dealmakers by the Washington cartel, which is “divided” between the two on Wednesday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Cruz said, “The Washington cartel, they’re divided between Marco and Donald. They want one or the other. They view both of them as dealmakers. They’ll both continue the status quo. They both will continue the cronyism. They both will continue the corporate welfare. So, for example, both Donald and Marco Rubio promised the governor of Iowa, ‘Hey, we’ll keep the ethanol mandate. We’ll keep the cronyism.’ I said, ‘No. We’ll stand with the American taxpayers and end the favoritism, and have no subsidies for anyone.’ And so the media is doing everything they can to spin Marco’s third place finish into something more than it is.”

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