Sanders: If Flint Was ‘an Affluent White Community’ Gov’t Would Respond Differently

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” fresh off his win in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) proclaimed the response to the lead contaminated water crisis in Flint, MI was tied to race.

Sanders said, “I think you have one of the great public health crises of our time. I have asked for Governor Snyder’s resignation. And I didn’t say that easily. I didn’t make that politically. The irresponsibility there in terms of what the government — state government knew and should have done and did not do is literally beyond comprehension. What I will say to you, Whoopi, also as I think most people know, if that was an affluent white community I suspect government would have responded somewhat differently.”

He added, “But it’s an unspeakable tragedy because we’re not going to know for many, many years what the long-term impact on brain development is for the kids right now. But the bottom line is if the state is not prepared to act, the federal government should act absolutely decisively in every respect.”

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