Brokaw Rips Obama Response to Brussels Attack: ‘This Is the Time to Be the Leader’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Tom Brokaw, the former anchor of NBC’s “Nightly News,” criticized President Barack Obama for going to a baseball game in Cuba after learning about the Brussels terror attack.

“This is the time to be the leader,” Brokaw declared.

“So much of politics and national security is a combination of symbolism and reality,” Brokaw said. “The reality is that we did have that attack yesterday. It was unnerving to us, it was devastating in Europe.”

He continued, “But at the same time, the symbolism is that the president stayed at the baseball game all day long where you would have thought he would have said, ‘Look, we’ve got more business that I have to deal with, I wish you well,’ get on the phone. We’ve got to put together some kind of a bulletproof syndicate to deal with all this. There’s a real urgency about it, and he has got to convey that, not just to the American people but to the world. I think it was Mike Hayden who said he is the leader of the free world, and this is the time to be the leader. This kind of attack can occur again and again and again.”

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