Sharpton: Hillary ‘Coming in Like This Is a Boxing Match,’ Trump Treating It Like a ‘Street Fight’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” National Action Network founder and MSNBC host Al Sharpton observed the distinction between presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton campaign style, to which he compared Clinton’s style to a boxing match and Trump’s style to a street fight.

Sharpton added Clinton in order to defeat Trump will have to adjust her tactics.

“She’s coming in like this is a boxing match where she’s got on the gloves and the trunks waiting on the referee and three minutes to say ‘round,’” Sharpton said. “This is a street fight. He’s got a broke Coca-Cola bottle and a razor. You can’t come in in gloves waiting on the referee to fight Donald Trump. You got to fight the kind of fight he’s fighting. He showed that yesterday.”

“It means she either got to toughen up or have tougher surrogates that can resonate with her base,” he added. “Otherwise she looks like – she looks like she’s out of touch only because she’s in the ring and the fights out in the alley.

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