WATCH: Breitbart London Editor Warns Europe Could Have Muslim Blasphemy Laws In A Decade

Breitbart London’s Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam appeared on the Ezra Levant show on Rebel Media, talking about a British man who was sentenced to 180 hours community work for posting comments deemed “grossly offensive” towards Muslims.

Kassam explained how the man was tried under Section 127 of the Malicious Communications Act, a law the prohibits offensive comments over “public electronic communications network” and which allows someone to be arrested even if no one has complained of being offended.

He also pointed out that Greater Manchester Police have refused to tell Breitbart London exactly what the comments were.

Later in the segment, he went on say how this case shows that unless Europe gets a hold on mass Muslim immigration, the result will be sharia and blasphemy laws within the next decade.


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