Limbaugh Warns NFL Players on Politicizing: ‘You Run the Risk of Destroying’ Why People Watch

Tuesday on his national radio show, conservative Rush Limbaugh delivered a message to NFL players like San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick who use their playing field to make political stances.

Limbaugh told NFL players to consider their audience and why they watch them every week.

“[T]ry to understand who your audience is and why they’re watching. And understand that they tune in to three hours, six hours, nine hours or however many hours on Sunday and Monday they watch, and now Thursday, to escape what they consider to be the stresses and the strains and the hum-drum of their lives. They tune into the National Football league for a little break from the hassles of life. They tune into the National Football League to forget all of these things that are causing controversy and divisiveness. They want to be entertained. We want to be entertained,” Limbaugh said.

He continued, “You run the risk of destroying all that if you misplace your priorities.”

Limbaugh also noted how opening week for the 2016 NFL season will be on September 11, and that if a number of players attempt to “steal the stage” from the NFL for their own personal political stances, then they are only risking hurting the league’s sponsorship and their own future earnings.

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