Trump: Hillary ‘Has Empowered The Enemy’

Monday in Herndon, VA at a retired American Warriors PAC event, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, “has empowered the enemy,” by declaring there will be no boots on the ground in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS).

Trump said, “When Hillary Clinton says no boots on the ground—now whether you want boots on the ground or not you you shouldn’t say it, because you have just taken—so she said, ‘There will be no boots on the ground.” She was very strong because—politics—it sounds a little bit better to say no boots on the ground. But by doing that she has empowered the enemy. She has empowered the enemy. And I think she possibly means it.”

“9I’m not sure if she means it or not. But she says no boots on the ground. She has taken a tremendous—I mean that is really giving strength to the enemy. And even if she felt that, she should never admit that. She should never admit that. You have to leave all your options open. And if you don’t leave all your options open, you are a fool. And I hated to hear her say that.”

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