Joe Biden: Hillary ‘Doesn’t Say Enough’ to Reach Out to the Middle Class

Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Vice President Joe Biden said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, “doesn’t say enough” to reach out to the middle class.

Biden said, “I think if there’s any one thing we haven’t communicated enough to the American people is they’re in trouble. They’re scared. We don’t speak to them enough. We don’t let them know how much we respect them. We do all things that benefit them, but we don’t speak to them.”

On Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Biden said, “They think he speaks to them because they haven’t listened to what he’s saying. Much of it has been a negative attack on Hillary and a failure to focus on what she’s saying. Our job here is to get a focus on what really matters. What’s going to change the circumstance for middle class person. It’s about being able to send your kid to a park, you know they’re going to come home safely. Be able to own your own home and not have to rent it. Being able to send your kid to a local high school, they get to college, if they get in, you can find a way to get them there. And in addition to that, be able to take care of your geriatric parent when the other passed away and never have to be taken care of yourself by your children. And what Hillary feels, I know, but she doesn’t say enough, is she understands that when that kid doesn’t get that loan to go to college, it’s not just, quote, the mind wasted, it’s that father or mother.”

He added, “It’s not just about the kid, it’s not about school, it’s about being able to meet the expectations of the children and not having a level playing field out there. That’s what this is about. I know Hillary feels that, but every time she expresses emotion she gets clobbered, she gets clobbered. I know her. I know she cares. I think that’s sort of — at least I want to talk to those folks who are looking at Trump and saying maybe he’s the answer. He doesn’t deliver anything that is going to change their lives.”

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