Kellyanne Conway: General Flynn Enjoys the ‘Full Confidence of the President’

Monday in an interview with MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, Kellyanne Conway, an aide to President Donald Trump, downplayed the controversy surrounding national security adviser Michael Flynn having allegedly discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak before Trump’s inauguration.

Conway told Kornacki Flynn continues to “enjoy the full confidence of the president” despite those allegations.

“Yes, General Flynn does enjoy the full confidence of the president,” Conway said. “And it is a big week for General Flynn. He’s the point of contact for many of these foreign visits. If you look at the schedule, we had the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau here. Obviously for bilateral meetings. On Wednesday, we’re welcoming Benjamin Netanyahu here. Behind the scenes, where they’re talking about trade, they’re talking about terrorism, security, the fact that Canada and the U.S. are very important, neighbors to each other and will continue to be. And obviously, the national security advisor is a very important point person in those discussions. General Flynn has said he can’t recall. And that he had about 30 phone calls with, I guess leaders at the time. And since then, 70 I’m told, with different leaders, and I’ll just leave his comments at that.”

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