Schumer: Trump’s Speeches and Reality ‘Are Very Far Apart’

Tuesday night on CNN, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) reacted to President Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress earlier and said Trump’s speeches and reality “are very far apart.”

Schumer said, “Well the problem, Jake—this is simple. This is another one of his speeches where he talks like a populist, but the way he’s been governing is totally the opposite. He has been governing from the hard right. Let’s talk trade. He’s talked a good game on trade but when he ran in the campaign, said would declare China a currency manipulator first day of the presidency. It’s been 40 days, and he hasn’t done anything. He backed off infrastructure, haven’t heard a peep about any plan. They say now next year. Healthcare, investing in medical research—the budget he proposed yesterday have no choice but to slash medical research and slash education. The problem with President Trump is his speeches and realities are very far apart. The American people don’t want a speech. They have heard a lot of those. They want action, and the action he’s giving them is first disjointed, they don’t know how to really run a government, but when he gives them action, it goes to the hard right.”

He added, “I think this speech will be of less consequence because it had nothing to do with what he actually does and American people have an eye on what he actually does.”

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