McCain: Missile Strikes ‘the Beginning of a Departure from the Failed Policies of the Last 8 Years’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) praised President Donald Trump for the missile strike on Syria in response to that country’s alleged use of chemical weapons.

McCain said,  “I would not expect more strikes, but I would hope that we would reinvigorate our support for the Free Syrian Army, the establishment of a no-fly zone, and move forward. This is important, and it is an important signal, but it is the beginning of a departure from the failed policies of the last eight years, and you’re not going to repair that overnight.”

“The other point that I would like to make really quick is that the President showed me that he has trust in what I believe is the strongest national security team assembled,” he continued. “I was not sure, frankly, whether he listened to them or listened to others. I think it is very clear that he values their advice and counsel, and this action is a result of the collective wisdom of some of the wisest people I have known.”

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