House Freedom Caucus Member DeSantis: ‘We Can Pass Something, Relatively Soon’ on Obamacare

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” House Freedom Caucus Member Representative Ron DeSantis (R-FL) stated that there’s “definitely a path” to an Obamacare bill, and that if they can deliver lower premiums and more choice, “I absolutely think we can pass something, relatively soon.”

DeSantis said, “I think there’s definitely a path, Bill. I mean, if you remember this March 23rd date, where this kind of blew up, that was not any deadline. That was a self-imposed deadline. And what happened was, the bill really wasn’t ready for primetime. You hadn’t developed a consensus. You set a date to vote on it without having the consensus. And so, what’s happened since then, is members are talking to each other, and really the administration, I think has done a good job. Vice President Pence has been exercising a lot of leadership to try to figure out how do we actually fulfill the promises we made to the American people, and for me the core thing that we have to do is deliver lower premiums and more choice on private insurance, because that is the reason why people dislike Obamacare because their premiums have gone up and their deductibles have gone up. So, that’s really what we have to do, and I think if we can get there, I absolutely think we can pass something, relatively soon.”

DeSantis added that he thinks the House is getting closer to an Obamacare bill.

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