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CNN’s Bash: Trump Will Take Credit for Jobs Report ‘Whether he Deserves it or Not’


While discussing the April jobs report on Friday’s edition of CNN’s “New Day,” CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash said that “whether he deserves it or not,” President Donald Trump will try to take credit for the unemployment rate being the lowest it has been since before the 2008 recession.

Bash said, “[L]et’s just take a step back and look at that big number. That is a wow number. The fact that it is — that the unemployment rate is the lowest that it has been since before the recession in 2008, since May of 2007, that is a really big deal. And there’s no question that President Trump is going to try to take credit for it, whether he deserves it or not, whether or not it was President Obama that was saying, as he was walking out the door, ‘Hey guys it’s getting better. It’s getting better, really trust me.’ It doesn’t matter. If President Trump declares victory from it, he will not the first person. He will be, probably the umpteenth president who has tried to claim credit for jobs going up, even though he didn’t necessarily do it.”

(h/t The Hill)

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