Kellyanne Conway: Congress ‘Can’t Get Basic Things Done’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Trump White House aide Kellyanne Conway said Congress “can’t get basic things done,” referring to the list of agenda items President Donald Trump has made a push for since his inauguration.

Discussing Hurricane Harvey relief funds, Conway said, “The president will go, he will ask Congress for money, depending on where the needs are. But that is his intention. He wants to make sure people know that he is there — that we are all there for them and put politics aside. We only hope that Congress can do that. I mean, the last eight months, if the past is prologue, have not been, really, profiles in courage.”

She continued, “You can’t get basic things done. Republicans have promised repeal and replace Obamacare, pass tax reform, do minor things, the president stands ready to sign these major initiatives into law. There is obstructionists and resistance by the left. They said that they’re for a better deal, all we see is same old spiel. So we hope when it comes to basic Hurricane Harvey funding that we can rely on a bipartisan and, may I say, nonpartisan push.”

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