Dem Rep Hines: I Have Not Seen Evidence of Trump Campaign Crime ‘That the American People Aren’t Already Aware of’


Thursday on CNN’s “New Day,” Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said during his committee’s Russia investigation he had not seen evidence of a crime by the Trump campaign that the public wasn’t “already aware of.”

Himes said, “Well you know I’m not sure I have seen a lot that the American people aren’t already aware of. And remember, the Congress is not about investigating crimes. The FBI and Robert Mueller are about that, and of course Robert Mueller has secured two guilty pleas from Michael Flynn and from George Papadopoulos, and of course, has indicted two other individuals, and it doesn’t seem like Robert Mueller is done yet.”

He added, “So like a lot of Americans, I am waiting to see whatever else — by the way, you asked about the delegitimization of the FBI, and a lot of other people are trying to set the guide path to delegitimatize what else they might uncover.”

(h/t The Hill)

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