Warren: ‘Very Worried’ Trump Is ‘Going to Be Taken Advantage of’ in NK Negotiations

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said she was very “worried” President Donald Trump would “be taken advantage of” when he meets with North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un.

Warren said, “Look, I am very glad to see this administration move toward a diplomatic approach to North Korea and the principal reason for that is there is no military-only solution to the problems presented by North Korea. I’m not the only one saying that. That is exactly what our generals in the field say.”

She continued, So it’s good to move to diplomacy, the problem right now is that these are very complicated negotiations, there are a lot of issues involved in them, and our State Department has just been decimated. We don’t have an ambassador to South Korea. We don’t have an assistant secretary for the entire region. There are all kinds of spaces that are open at the state Department generally and particularly in this region. That matters when you’re going into negotiations like this, it matters to have the people there first who are working and who are advising about the economy and about our military objectives and who know the players and know the history.”

She added, “So here’s what I’m concerned about. I want the president to succeed. When the president succeeds in negotiations like this, the United States succeeds. It makes us safer. It makes the whole world safer. But I am very worried that he’s going to go into these negotiations and be taken advantage of.”

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