Terry McAuliffe: ‘Walking Nightmare’ Trump ‘Has Hurt This Country Around the Globe’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) said President Donald Trump had hurt the standing of the country around the globe with his administration’s zero-tolerance policy that caused the separation of immigrant children from their families until the president signed an executive order to halt the practice earlier today.

McAuliffe said, “He created the mess, and actually he thought it was working for him. He doubled down yesterday. I think with the pictures coming out and the uproar all over the country, I think he realized once again, he had taken us down the low road. He has done this time and time again. I was hopeful after he got elected, that when he took the oath of office and I served as chairman of the National Governors Association, all the governors we thought he would rise to the occasion and be president, but he hasn’t. He has continued to take the low road and what he has done in the situation with the children is appalling. Not only in America, but Chris, all over the world they are looking at the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth, the beacon of democracy and morality. What he has done is questioned people’s thoughts on how they think about America. For the people who follow us and for people who do things we don’t like around the world, they look to what America is doing now, and I’m afraid of what their behavior will be going forward.”

He continued, “This man has taken America in the wrong direction. He is he a walking nightmare. He is erratic.”

He added, “This will be a dark moment in America’s history—to put these children in steel cages like internment camps is something people will never forget. It was Donald J. Trump. It was his policy. He has hurt this country around the globe.”

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