CNN’s Bash: I Think It’s More Likely Melania’s ‘Don’t Care’ Jacket Was Directed at the President

On Thursday’s “CNN Newsroom,” CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash stated that it’s “impossible” to think First Lady Melania Trump’s “I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U?” jacket was aimed at the people she visited on the border, and it’s more likely that the jacket was directed at President Trump.

Bash began by saying the first lady “gets credit for going down there. The president of the United States should have been down there, long ago, to see for himself what is going on there. And I’ve talked to people who are close to him who don’t disagree with that idea. And it isn’t unusual for a first lady to go out. … But, it is appropriate for her to go. Having said that, the big controversy is about children who are being ripped from the parents, who bring them across the border illegally. The majority of the children in this shelter came unaccompanied. I think five or six, maybe seven, tops were taken from their parents. So, when you’re talking about the big controversy that the president reversed himself on to try to at least ameliorate, certainly not fix, yesterday, this was basically not that.”

After the discussion turned to the jacket, Bash stated that Melania has sent messages with her wardrobe choices, adding, “I think that it is impossible to think that that is aimed at the people she just saw. It’s more, I think, likely, just because we’re — this is what we do with the first lady, when she wears these things, to maybe the person who she is married to.”

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