Schiff: Trump Engaged in ‘Despicable Act of Betrayal of the US’


On Monday’s “CNN Newsroom,” Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) blasted President Trump’s statements at his summit with Vladimir Putin as “a despicable act of betrayal of the United States.”

Schiff said, “It was a new low. I found it just disgusting. This is probably, without a doubt, the most shameful and cowardly surrender of American interest in modern history. To see the president of the United States humble himself, prostrate himself in front of the Russian dictator, basically blame America for problems in our relationship rather than take on Russia’s invasion of its neighbor, its poisoning of citizens in Britain, its blatant interference in our election, to side with this former KGB officer over our own intelligence agency, it was a despicable act of betrayal of the United States.”

He added, “[M]y GOP friends, and not just members of Congress, but around the country, need to take off the blinders. If this was done by any Democratic president, they would be naturally howling from coast to coast, and it should be no exception because it’s Donald Trump.”

(h/t Grabien)

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