Meghan McCain: Trump Was Putin’s ‘Pathetic Puppy’

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View co-host Meghan McCain said President Donald Trump acted like a “pathetic puppy” at his joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

McCain said, “I have a few things to say. I take a lot of heat for not suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. I try to come on the show and really call each issue by issue because when days like today happen and yesterday happened, I need it to be extra important that you hear that what happened yesterday is extremely dangerous, it’s un-American, it’s unpatriotic.”

She added, “I will say our president acted like a pathetic puppy who was completely neutered around a former KGB agent murderous dictators who caused some of the worst atrocities, let me say again genocide going on in Syria. I never thought I would see this. I grew up with ‘Mr. Gorbachev to tear down that wall.’ I’m a Reagan Republican. I can’t emphasize how much of a hard time I had with this. I just never thought this is the Republican party. But There’s a ton of blowback across the board.”

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