GOP Rep Biggs: ‘Critical’ We Start to Build the Wall to Keep Majorities in Midterms


Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) discussed his legislation that would fund a U.S.-Mexico border wall by cutting foreign aid from countries whose citizens illegally enter the country, increasing entrance fees and tax remittance payments.

Biggs said, “What’s happening is as we go forward, we get more people that are interested and coming on. Many of my colleagues say, ‘I would like to read the bill.’ I believe we’ll get a pretty good ground swell. I’m hoping to talk to the chairman of Judiciary. I hope the bill gets assigned to Judiciary. I think we can get this part done. It is a very easy pay. A very clear, straightforward way to fund the building of the wall and to get this thing going. I believe that if we are sincere as Republicans in doing what we said we would do, this is a way to get it done and I really believe that my colleagues want to get it done.”

He added, “You know if you remember there were 17 candidates. He vaulted to the top when he said three words, ‘Build the wall.’ We haven’t done it. This is the chance to do it. And I think it’s critical. I think it’s critical we show a good faith effort to try to get this bill through the House by the mid-term election. I think that would be sending a very strong signal to the base of the Republican party, the Independents that voted for Republicans, the Democrats who crossed over based on this promise by this president. I think it would send a strong signal. I think it would help us keep the House and the Senate in the mid-terms.”

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