Kudlow: By Far, Single Biggest Event This Year ‘Is an Economic Boom’

Thursday, CNBC aired a clip of  White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow saying the current “economic boom” is the “biggest event” of 2018.

During a Cabinet meeting at the White House, Kudlow said, “I’m looking at the media and watching TV and other people talk about stuff that baffles me, but it’s outside my lane. Here’s the key point I made to the president yesterday. I’ll make it to you today. I hope we all keep making it. By far, by far, the single biggest event, be it political or otherwise, this year is an economic boom that most people thought would be impossible to generate. Not a rise, not a blip, a genuine economic boom. And everybody saw going back to the campaign.”

He added, “We’ve never seen income numbers like this, again, after tax, after inflation, but policies matter. I mean, America’s free market economy, ordinary people run our economy, entrepreneurs, that is the beauty of it, but policies matter. And when you change that switch, as President Trump has changed that switch, things are happening that a handful of us thought might happen, but I would not say it is widespread. So I’ll just end, Sir, and I appreciate the time very much, the single biggest story this year is an economic boom that is durable and lasting and that most people thought was impossible and they were wrong. And you were right, Sir.”

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