Elizabeth Warren: Trump ‘Practices the Dark Art of Ruling by Fear,’ Divides Us with ‘Racism’

Tuesday at the National Action Network Legislative & Policy Conference, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said President Donald Trump “practices the dark art of ruling by fear” by using “hate and racism” to divide Americans.

Warren said, “Even in the face of racist, hateful, bigoted attacks on our values, Democrats have stood strong. We’ve tried to stay together. I’m about to say something really important here. We have fought together. We have pride together. We have resisted together. And we sure as hell have persisted together. On November 6th, Americans went to the polls and put power back in the hands of people where it belongs. We need a celebration around that.”

She continued, “Even though we have taken back the House, the road ahead will not be easy. The wealthy and the well-connected in Washington don’t give up just because they get knocked back a little bit. Our government is still rigged for the rich and the powerful. Our economy is still working against working people, women, and communities of color. Donald Trump still practices the dark art of ruling by fear, fear designed to pit Americans against Americans. We have seen this roadshow before. It is the old divide and conquer strategy. Hate and racism have divided America for a very long time. Failing schools, blame the black and brown kids. Bad wages, blame immigrants. Drugs, crimes, blame them, anyone who doesn’t look like you, who doesn’t love like you, who doesn’t pray like you — the list is long. And for those on top, divide and conquer is a great strategy. When we turn on each other, we can’t unite to fight back against a system that is rigged in favor of the wealthy on the powerful. But now, the Democrats will control the House and change is coming to Washington.”

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