Scarborough: We’re Seeing the ‘Worst’ of Trump After Losing Midterms


Wednesday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough claimed the fallout of the GOP failing at the midterm elections is bringing out “the worst” of President Donald Trump, who he declared is “more radical and more unhinged” than he was when he took office.

“We’re actually getting a chance, unfortunately, to see the worst of Donald Trump,” Scarborough stated. “And we’re watching his devastating impact on this country and on his Republican Party play out on vivid display.”

“You know, regardless of what Republicans try to tell you, there was no split decision in the midterms. Democrats keep wracking up more House seats by the day, and they’re going to win the congressional vote in the House by over eight percent. That’s a historic route. In fact, there’s never been as big a win as the Democrats have had in the House this off-term election. Unfortunately, we’re learning by the hour that a repudiated, a rejected Donald Trump is actually more dangerous, more radical and more unhinged than the Donald Trump we watched the first two years.”

Scarborough added that things will only get “worse for Donald Trump.”

“With Robert Mueller closing in, Trump has destroyed his own presidency and he is showing us his soul a little more every day, or rather, some would say his lack of one,” he said.

Scarborough concluded, “For the sake of history and for the fate of the conservative movement and one of the nation’s two political parties, good men and good women who want a future for the GOP need to stand up and speak out today, or their fate will be fully intertwined with this man who is crashing and burning right before our eyes. Republicans, you think 2018 was bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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