Scarborough: ‘Not Sure What Banana Republic Rand Paul Wants to Live in Where You Ignore Felonies’


Monday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough reacted to Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) remarks about how the United States would become a “banana republic” if every president were to be investigated by special prosecutors.

Scarborough questioned which type of banana republic Paul wanted to live in if he is fine with ignoring felonies in the political realm.

“I want to go back to, actually, the hush money for a second,” said Scarborough. “Andrew McCarthy wrote a column for Fox News suggesting that Donald Trump was going to be indicted, he would likely be indicted by the Southern District of New York. With apologies to Rand Paul, he made a couple of basic statements, which is, number one, it is a felony to direct others to make illegal campaign contributions. Yes, that’s basic. I’m not sure what banana republic Rand Paul wants to live in where you ignore felonies if politics serves you, but that’s what Rand Paul is talking like right now. So we know that’s a felony.”

He continued, “Number two, also, we look at the intent, and I know that you prosecutors have always looked at the actions of a defendant or a possible defendant to determine criminal intent. Well, Donald Trump painstakingly tried to cover up those illegal payments, those misdirected payments. And finally, they were relevant. These were not clerical errors. It was relevant. In fact, you could make the argument that Donald Trump would never have been president if the scandalous stories about Stormy Daniels and his Playboy bunny trysts had gone public the last weeks of the campaign. I’m not exactly sure how to describe that. But it does look like he’s going to be indicted at least by the Southern District of New York.”

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