Scarborough Slams Trump for Shifting Stance on Wall — Congressional GOP Members ‘Have to Be Absolutely Furious’

Friday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough took aim at President Donald Trump for the partial government shutdown and his negotiation tactics for the southern border barrier.

Scarborough claimed Trump has “cooked himself” and the Republican Party, adding members of the GOP on Capitol Hill “have to be furious” with the president for his “bizarre behavior.”

“[Trump] keeps saying he set the table. He keeps saying that he set this up perfectly. I mean, he doesn’t realize that politically he set the table and he’s what’s for dinner. Like, he’s cooked himself, he’s cooked the Republican Party. Their numbers collapsed, nobody believes him anymore,” Scarborough argued. “This has been a disaster for the past three weeks and here we go, part two of it. And if you are a Republican on Capitol Hill, you’ve got to be sitting there thinking, my god, how low is he going to drag this party?”

“He just goes back and forth. If you’re a Republican on Capitol Hill, you have just got to be absolutely furious. He said maybe it’s a wall, maybe it’s slats, now it’s a wall’s a wall. Maybe it’s because he likes it wall rhymes with fall,” he added.

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