Mike Lee: Dem Lawmakers Talking About Killing a ‘Child Who Has Been Born’ Like Adolf Hitler

Wednesday on “The Glenn Beck Program,” Sen Mike Lee (R-UT) discussed Democratic lawmakers’ reaction to President Donald Trump’s remarks on bills to loosen abortion restrictions in New York and Virginia during the State of the Union address.

Lee said, “References to Adolf Hitler, I avoid that like the plague, but at some point in a society, the minute we start talking about killing those who we’re not willing to recognize as people, in this case a breathing living human being who has been born, we need to ask ourselves, how did we get here and how we get out of this situation? How do we make sure that those people are protected? That’s just wrong.”

He continued, “When I woke up this morning I kept thinking maybe there’s a misunderstanding. Maybe that side of the aisle could hear the audio feed. Maybe they misunderstood him. I would like to believe that there were some misunderstandings they can explain this. If not we’ve got a big problem on our hands. I don’t think it’s with the American people. I don’t think the American people are with them. I think it’s with those who have been elected and those were in that chamber last night.”

After Beck discussed Germans who voted for Hitler objecting to Nazis killing babies, Lee said, “I hope we hear those people who push back and say this is not okay. There are some things that are laws to try to prohibit. One of the most fundamental rules of any civilized society is that would prohibit the unlawful taking a human life. Though just to be clear here, we’re not talking in this instance about abortion. You and I both have views on abortion, that are different from what many Democrats in this country think. We’re talking here about a child who has been born who has taken his or her first breath. If we the people stand up strongly to our own government and make clear to our society we want to protect these individuals, which I believe the overwhelming majority of Americans, Republicans Democrats and everything else, believes it, then I think we can stand up for life here.”

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