‘Pretty Unbelievable’ — Mark Levin Hammers Israeli AG for Prosecution of Netanyahu

Wednesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin set his sights on an ongoing situation in Israel involving the nation’s attorney general Avichai Mandelblit, who reportedly will announce his effort to charge the nation’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

As reported by the Times of Israel, Mandelblit will charge Netanyahu with criminal offenses in three cases, one of which includes bribery.

According to Levin, Netanyahu, who he described as the “Churchill” and “Reagan” of that nation, was being charged for nothing more than accepting champagne and cigars, and for freedom of speech.

“[Y]ou’re going to indict the prime minister over cigars and champagne?” Levin said. “And over what we call in this country freedom of speech? Because you don’t like the kind of speech he exercised? This is a death wish. It is a disgrace, and I say that as an American looking afar, thousands and thousands of miles into little Israel. And replace him with what, melee mouths who have no relationship whatsoever with the United States who couldn’t figure out their way out of a paper bag? They’re going to work with [Vladimir] Putin? They’re going to confront the Iranians? Is this really the time to remove a prime minister like this?”

“And what kind of a criminal justice system do they have in that country, when one man – an attorney general, can attempt to bring down a government, bring down a candidacy over cigars, champagne and free speech?” he continued. “Pretty unbelievable. You know is rooting for this attorney general? Not just the left in Israel, of course. Do you know who is rooting for this attorney general? The regime in Teheran. The regime in Damascus. The regime in Turkey. All the regimes that chant ‘death to Israel.’”

In addition to those actors in the Middle East, Levin said the “appeasement Europeans” and the world’s antisemites who wanted to see Israel destroyed.

“The left in Israel is no different than the left in the United States,” Levin added. “They put their party first, their ambitions first, and they put them before country. And they wrap themselves in their country’s flag and pretend they’re standing up for the rule of law. They’re standing up against cigars, champagne and free speech! Oh yeah, they’ll teach Netanyahu, while their enemies salivate and sharpen their knives.”

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