Yarmuth: Impeachment ‘Not a Question of Whether, It’s a Question of When’

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth (D-KY) stated that while there is “a lot of validity” in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) comments on impeachment, “to me, it’s not a question of whether, it’s a question of when.”

Yarmuth said, “I think there’s a lot of validity in what Nancy said, and I respect that, and ultimately, it’s going to be her call. I just think that — I have a little bit different perspective, that if you think the president has committed impeachable offenses, which I do, and most recently, I think it’s been at least documented that he committed a crime while in office, that impeachment means nothing if you don’t use the power and begin the process. So, to me, it’s not a question of whether, it’s a question of when. And probably right now is not the right time, but I think at some point, it’s going to be inevitable.”

Yarmuth added that it’s best to wait until all the information is available to impeach the president.

He further stated that Pelosi “does have a point” that impeaching the president could help him politically, and that alters the timing of impeachment, “but I don’t think it can be a political decision — a political calculation. I think it has to be a constitutional — a recognition of a constitutional responsibility.”

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